The Agriturismo Fattoria Caldesoni named after its location - is in Tuscany, in the province of Arezzo, municipality of Anghiari, in a typical Tuscan hill area at the foot of the Apennines, where you can enjoy landscapes of striking beauty. Set in the centre of a protected ecological oasis, the main building lies at an altitude of 500 metres, far from pollution and noise. Here you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the harmony of beautiful landscapes. Pliny the Younger – a lawyer, author, and magistrate of Ancient Rome – owned a villa in the area. Its remains are still there. Here’s how the author described the area to a friend, Domizio Apollinare, in a letter of 2000 years ago: “I design'd to retreat among my Tuscan Neighbours in Summer, (…) this Quarter is remote from the Sea; besides, it lies under the Apennine Hills, which are the most Healthful in the World. (…) The Summer is extremely favourable; it is always moving with a gentle Breeze, yet has more often an easie breathing Air, than a Wind. (…) Imagine some vast Amphitheatre, and such a one, as Nature alone can make. (…)You will be extremely pleas'd in taking this Prospect of the Country from a Mountain: For you will not imagine, that you view a Spot of Ground, but a Landschape excellently painted; the Eye is refresh'd with that Variety, with that exact Delineation, wherever it falls. (…) Behind, at some Distance, is the Apennine Mountain. From that it receives a Gale of Air, however calm or still the Day proves, yet not the violent or immoderate, but spent and broken by the very Interval.(…) I have given you the Reasons, why I prefer my Tuscan Seat, to those at Tusculum, Præneste, or Tybur. For, over and above what I have related, that Retreat is more quiet, and better supply'd; and therefore more secure; there is no Necessity of a set Dress for Business or Visits, no impertinent Calls from the Neighbourhood. All is pleasing and profoundly easie, which is an addition to the healthful Temper of the Climate; as the Sky is more clear, and the Air more serene here, I enjoy the greatest Vigour, both of Mind and Body. (…) May the Gods ever continue those Joys to myself, and this Lustre to the Place hereafter. Adieu.” Pliny The Younger (Pliny The Younger, Epistle VI. To Apollinaris) The same admiration for these places are expressed by the English writer Aldous Huxley in his book 'Along the road', written in 1925, when he got back from a trip in the area described by Pliny the Younger.


Where are we and how to reach us


Address: Loc Caldesoni 14, Anghiari AR


  • By Road:

From A1, Take the Arezzo exit, then proceed to Anghiari-Casale-Fattoria Caldesoni, Km 35
From E45, Sansepolcro Sud exit, then proceed to Anghiari-Casale-Fattoria Caldesoni, Km 10


  • By Train:

Closest Train stations:
- Arezzo, 30 Km
- Sansepolcro 12 Km
There is a pullman service from both locations to Anghiari.


  • By Bus:

Closest bus stop, 5 Km


  • By Plane:

Closest Airports are:
- Florence 65 Km
- Rimini 90 Km
- Bologna 150 Km
- Rome 260 Km

Map of the area:


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