The Organic Farm


The Fattoria Caldesoni is a farmhouse with a surface area of about 200 ha; it has a natural mix of copse woods, pastures, arable fields, olive groves, fruit gardens, vineyards spruces, and chestnut groves. There is a production of cereals, forage, olive oil, vegetables, fruit, chestnuts, walnuts, and timber. There is a breed of calves, poultry and rabbits, again following only natural organic and certified methods. Animals roam freely in the farm, they mate, reproduce and grow in a natural way, eating in the farm’s unspoiled pastures. No chemical substances or GMO’s are used.There is also a very important breed of horses: the Quarter Horse breed. These horses grow to be trained for Western riding. Guests with a passion and experience in riding will have an unforgettable experience with these fantastic horses, unique in the world, in an unparalleled natural setting. In collaboration with the equestrian centre close to the farm, we can organize tours of the surrounding areas and even through the Apennines, for the more experienced riders.

The Organic Food

The meals served in the Agriturismo upon request, are prepared with organic products from the farm varying according to the season. Snacks as well are prepared with typical specialities of the Farm such as focaccia, ham, cheese, and cold cuts. Not to be missed: fresh seasonal vegetables such as carrots, celery, fennels, radish and so on, served with olive oil produced in the farm. The wine comes from vineyards of Sangiovese, Pinot, Chardonnay close to the farm. The water, which is extremely pure, comes directly from a natural waterfall in the farm. Furthermore, within a few kilometres, there are typical restaurants that use ingredients mainly from the area, guaranteeing high quality and authenticity.