Art and Culture



The Agriturismo Fattoria Caldesoni lies in a part of Tuscany where arts, culture and history meet nature and its flavours.  
Anyone who, besides resting and relaxing at our Agriturismo, may want to enrich their artistic and cultural knowledge will find in the surrounding area places full of art, history and handicrafts such as:
Anghiari, the municipality where the Agriturismo is located, is just a few kilometres away. It is a typical medieval village of rare beauty, surrounded by Pievi and Castles which date back to 1200/1400. Equally interesting are the antique fine artisan traditions, such as the production of precious metals, ceramic, fabrics and wicker.
Sansepolcro, town of Piero della Francesca, where the museum was named after him, boasts, among others, ‘The Resurrection’, his most famous painting, defined by critics as the most beautiful painting in the world. The ‘Aboca Museum’ – herbs and health trough the centuries, is not to be missed.
Città di Castello, where Raphael worked during his early years and where some of his works can be viewed. It is also hometown of Alberto Burri, defined as the most important Italian painter of the 20th century and hosts a large permanent collection of some of his most important works. In the town, the canvas called tela umbra are also produced.
Caprese Michelangelo, hometown of Michelangelo.
La Verna, place of the monastery of the same name, where San Francesco received his stigmata and where important works by Della Robbia can be found.  
Monterchi, centre of a museum hosting another famous work by Piero della Francesca ‘ La Madonna del Parto’, a favourite destination for visitors from around the world.  
The cities of Arezzo and Urbino are among the must-sees if you don’t know them yet. The area is also rich in internationally known events such as the Jazz Festival, the Festival of the Nations (Chamber Music), the Palio of Crossbow, the Giostra of Saracino, the Antiques Fair (every first Sunday of the month) and many more.  
For those who may want to spend an evening at the disco, Sansepolcro and Città di Castello offer great opportunity.